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Welcome to Seedling

The place to grow a profitable, meaningful online business from the ground up

Our business began just like yours – with a seedling of an idea.

“What if it could be easy for heart-led entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses online?” This simple question has been the driving force behind Seedling since day one.

We recognized the overwhelm, confusion, and uncertainty that tends to accompany website creation, and we decided to do something about it! Many late nights, cups of coffee, and “back to the drawing boards” later, Seedling Studio was born.

Now, we’re focused on creating the simplest solutions to your greatest website challenges, so you can get back to making the world better with your gifts and talents.

We get that your business is more than just a moneymaker for you – it’s a vehicle that allows you to bear lasting fruit in the lives of those you serve. Through user-focused messaging, design, and development, we help you showcase the value of your business to the right people. We believe our websites are the best because they’re built with a holistic, user-first approach, and we’re confident you’ll soon come to agree!

Meet the Founder

Erica Carnohan Founder of Seedling Studio

Introductions are in order

Hello there! I’m Erica Carnohan. I’m a writer, website creator, and entrepreneur here to help you bring your mission to life in the world. I’ve spent most of my career helping people and businesses articulate their stories in the digital space, and I consider myself a professional problem solver! Resourcefulness is my middle name (not actually, that would be weird), and I’m so proud to call this website studio my own.

Alongside Seedling, I also run a lifestyle and personal growth blog called The Erica Paige where I mostly share unsolicited life and business advice. I live in San Diego, California with my four chickens (Dixie, Nugget, Edith, and Clancy) who I desperately wish were indoor pets. I’m a personal development junkie, one of those crazy vegans, and a lover of good puns. Things I hate include TikTok (sorry Gen Z), texters-while-drivers, and bad grammar. It’s lovely to meet you!

Just a few facts

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What sets us apart?

We're not platform-specific
We’re not partial to one specific website platform. Why not? Because we’re committed to providing the solution that’s perfect for your business’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on being in-the-know about the best tech tools, so we can be sure to set you up with the solutions that will best help you reach your goals.
Functionality over fanciness
Yeah, good design is an important part of making an impact with your brand. But visuals and aesthetics aren't even half the story! We're all about strategy over here, meaning our focus is on creating simplified, memorable user experiences.
Every website has three main components: messaging (the words on your web pages), design (the visuals), and development (the tech that makes your site work). We’re experts at all three, which means you don’t have to spend time piecing together different resources to meet your needs. Say hello to your one-stop shop!
Whether you choose to work with us one-on-one or use one of our pre-built resources, we roll out the red carpet for you. Your business deserves the best, no matter your budget. That’s why our products and services are high-value and simple to navigate.
Our goal is to empower you to manage your website with confidence. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, our content, products, and services will hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to know.
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Ready, set, grow.

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