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Get an online home for your brand that connects with and converts your ideal clients.

"Your website is so easy to navigate! polished and professional! unique! simple and clear! compelling!

"Your website is so

easy to navigate! polished and professional! unique! simple and clear! compelling!

I just knew I had to work with you!”

– Your future clients

Stand Out in a Long Line of Open Tabs


Who knew that becoming an entrepreneur would require being your own copywriter, designer, and web developer, too?! It’s normal for us entrepreneurs to wear several hats – but here at Seedling, we believe in doing things differently. 

Because we recognize your time is valuable and could be way better spent than googling code and trying to force your content to fit into a website template.

Thankfully, there’s a better way…

For the business owner that's ready to...

The Start-to-finish website


*Heads up! We only accept a small number of Start-to-Finish Website projects each year. To make sure YOU snag one of those slots, reach out to us today!*

Our process is simple and straightforward

Here’s how it works

Jordan Dotson, WriteIvy

"This is my new standard for working with a design/development agency, and it's a very high bar for others to match."

Erica seemed like she actually cared about making her clients happy. I could tell immediately that I wasn’t being “sold” by a flashy, churn-and-burn design agency, and that the value would far exceed the cost. Working with Erica was like having a partner who’s equally invested in making my vision a success. Customer feedback has been absolutely wonderful, and we now have a clear path toward executing some of the projects that would have taken years if we’d tackled this design ourselves. This way saved me an insane amount of time and stress.

A-La-Carte Services

Need help with just one specific aspect of your online presence? Our a-la-carte services make it easy for you to get exactly what you need – no more, no less.





Copywriting that supports your marketing efforts

The phrase “build it and they will come” rarely applies to websites. Allow us to support you with your other copywriting needs! In addition to website copywriting we also provide quiz copy, ebooks and whitepapers, sales pages, product descriptions, ad copy, and email funnels. We can help set up the tech for all of that, too. 😉

Everything is going SO well! My website is bringing in those higher ticket clients, and no one bats an eye at my pricing. It's amazing!

You’ve got options…

You could spend several months and thousands more dollars looking for a brand strategist, a copywriter, a web designer, and a tech expert…

Website design options

You could waste your precious time trying to DIY your site while your clients are wooed by your competitors…

Or, you could choose us and get all of your website needs taken care of professionally, in one place.


You might be wondering…

Brand design is considered an additional service beyond the scope of our website packages. If you don’t yet have a brand identity (i.e. logo, color palette, imagery, etc.), we’d be happy to assist! We partner with some of the best graphic designers to give you a completely new brand identity, if that’s what you need. 

Yes – we typically split project payments into three installments. We require a 33% deposit to book your project, and we’ll collect the other two payments midway through the project and after project completion.

We’re passionate about educating and empowering our clients throughout the website creation process. That’s why we make sure to build your site on the platform that makes the most sense for your business and level of expertise. We also provide a hand-off training call during which you can get any questions you have answered! If you’d rather have us manage your site for you, take advantage of our VIP Days, VIP Half-Days, or Ongoing Support packages.

Yes, your site will be fully responsive and will look ah-MAY-zing across all platforms.

If you choose our website copywriting services, your site will be optimized for search and will include SEO keywords. We build all of our websites with strong SEO foundations. If you’re looking for more advanced SEO, we do offer an SEO add-on for an additional fee. Talk to us to find out if this option fits your needs!

Custom copywriting, design, and development are all big investments. We’ve done our best to get you the best deal by bundling each of these components together into one convenient package. We understand that not everyone is able to invest in a four-figure service, which is why we also offer each of these components a-la-carte. Also, we’re constantly working on providing less expensive tools to support your DIY website creation efforts like templates and guides, so stay tuned! (Feel free to reach out and let us know what would be most helpful for you!)

Our wide-ranging platform expertise sets us apart from most website pros out there. We develop on most platforms, our most popular options being WordPress, Showit, Shopify, and Squarespace. We’ll work with you to make sure we land on the platform that’s right for you and your business!

Start-to-Finish Websites usually consist of three phases: writing, design, and development. Depending on the size of your project, the timeline is usually 10-12 weeks.

A custom website isn’t for everyone. However, if you want a website that works for you around the clock to drive sales, builds credibility with your audience, reflects the premium quality of your offerings, and doesn’t eat up all of your time, a custom site is for you! A custom website is the most valuable tool in your business – it grows your list of leads, makes you stand out in a long line of open tabs, and expands your selling ability.

Not quite sure what you need?

We get it – building a website (and business!) from scratch can be daunting. If you’re not sure what the next right step is, reach out to us. We’re happy to help you get on the right track!

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