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Services Page Copywriting – How to Write a Better Services Page

Picture this: your dream client lands on your website. 

After scrolling through your homepage, she’s excited – she’s been hoping to find someone who can help her, and it seems like you might be able to deliver what she’s looking for! She wants to know more, so she clicks over to your Services page… 

What does she find there?

Here’s the thing – your Services page is usually the very last page people see before they either commit or hit the ‘X’ in their browser corner. If they’ve come this far, that’s a huge feat! But it’s up to your Services page copywriting to seal the deal.

Services Page Copwriting - How to Write a Better Services Page

Services Page Copywriting 101 – How to Write an Impressive Services Page

These five steps will make sure your Services pages are primed and ready for your ideal clients. Your Services page copywriting can literally make or break your sales! But not to worry – with just a few simple tweaks, you can drastically improve your conversion rate.

Step One: Identify Who Your Services Are For

When people land on your Services page, how are they supposed to know whether or not they’re in the right place?

You created your service offerings for a specific type of person. This person, your ideal customer, has a specific problem or frustration that your service addresses. So, when someone who fits the profile of your ideal customer lands on this page, you want it to scream, “THIS SERVICE IS FOR YOU!”

If it’s not completely obvious who your services are for, be sure to articulate it.

And, if your business happens to serve two or more distinct types of clients, it’s a good idea to make separate service pages for each archetype. (I use this method on my Services page!)

Step Two: Clearly Define Your Services

Let’s keep in mind why people end up on your Services page in the first place – to understand more about what exactly you do!

If you haven’t already thought through your different offerings, that’s an important first step before you write them out. Keep your services simple; each service should address one specific problem. 

Also, if you offer multiple services, they shouldn’t be too similar to one another. The average person should be able to easily and quickly understand what the differences are between your services. This will make it easy for them to say ‘yes’ to the one that best fits their needs!

Your Services page doesn’t have to list every single thing each offering includes. But it does need to give people a high-level overview of what to expect and the ultimate result each service will achieve.

Step Three: What’s In It For Them?

After you’ve told prospective customers what they can expect from your services, the next step is to remind them why they should care. 

When people look over your Services page, they’ll be asking themselves one question: ”What’s in it for me?” They’ll be weighing in their mind whether or not your services are worth the investment.

To tip the scale in your favor, explain what makes your services valuable from their perspective.

In other words, what clear benefit does your service offer? Will it save your clients time? Money? Stress? Remind them what’s at stake if they don’t move forward with your services. 

Step Four: Anticipate Objections

Whenever we decide to buy something, we weigh in our minds whether or not an investment is worth the potential benefit that thing will provide. When we do this, our minds tend to come up with questions or objections about the thing we’re about to buy, especially if it requires a hefty investment. 

As they’re scrolling through your Services page, your potential clients will do this too! 

To improve your Services page’s chances of success, brainstorm a list of potential objections people may have to hiring you for your service. Then, be sure to answer each of those objections on your Services page. 

You can either weave these objections throughout your Services page copy, or you can create a dedicated section, like an FAQ section, to address them.

This will show people you understand their current position and mindset, and it’ll help establish trust. 

Step Five: Make Multiple Invitations

For your Services page to accomplish its purpose, it needs to invite users to take action. 

According to Marketing Experiments, longer landing pages with multiple CTAs can generate up to 220% more leads than a single, above-the-fold CTA.

Don’t bury your call to action at the very bottom of the page with a single “Contact Us” button! Throughout your page, as you explain the benefits of working with you, your process, and what people get, include subtle invitations to take the next step.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should add CTA buttons to every single section of the page! There’s a distinct line between inviting and pushy, and crossing it won’t bode well for your business.

Be sure to give people at least two opportunities on your Services page to move forward with you. 

With just a few simple steps, your Services page copywriting is sure to engage your ideal clients and improve your conversion rate! 

Of course, the copywriting on your Services page is just one piece of your website puzzle. To make sure people end up on your Services page and convert, make sure your homepage represents your brand just as well! Use the form below to sign up for the FREE Homepage Copywriting Template and Guide.

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